3.5 Inch Ball Joint UCA System | Ford Ranger 4WD


Fabtech’s 3.5 inch Ball Joint UCA System for the 2019 Ford Ranger 4WD appears to be top-notch. Fabtech is a long time heavy hitter in the industry and never fails, so let’s take a look at the video below!

3.5 inch Ball Joint UCA Systems


Value priced system with Fabtech quality
• Increased ground clearance for offroad
• Tubular UCA design with urethane bushings for a quiet ride
• Extended range upper ball joints allow for increased travel
• Suspension can be restored to stock
• Easy bolt-on installation

FABTECH VIDEO: 3.5 Inch Ball Joint UCA System | Ford Ranger 4WD

“This quality 2019 Ford Ranger Upper Control Arm systems from Fabtech are perfect for owners looking to increase ride height to run slightly larger tires than factory. These systems will provide additional wheel travel with no suspension bind at full droop!” – FABTECH

3.5 Inch Ball Joint UCA System | Ford Ranger 4WD

3.5 Inch Ball Joint UCA System | Ford Ranger 4WD

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