Atturo Tire Trail Blade A/T

Razor Sharp Quality

The Atturo Tire Trail Blade A/T provides a durable tread compound formulated for long life with deep sipes for all-weather performance. The Trail Blade is constructed for truck owners who demand a strong tire with versatile traction capabilities but at an affordable price level. The A/T offers true off-road capability with natural highway convenience.

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Product Info

• Produced with Hydrocarbon Free (Clean) Oil, meeting
the EU REACH level of compliance.

• Multiple sipes in center tread blocks for all terrain

• Large shoulder blocks for improved handling and
steering response on road.

• Arched and segmented stone throwers molded
between shoulder treads to help eject whatever you
just crushed.

• Four channel circumference grooves aids in wet grip.

• Rim Protector provides extra protection for rims from

Atturo Trail Blade A/T

The Trail Blade A/T is built with a deep tread depth of 12mm to provide for traction in all surfaces and long tread life. The large shoulder blocks provide enhanced steering response and overall handling. The tread area features four deep grooves and multiple sipes in the tread blocks for excellent wet traction and competence in snow and mud.


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ABOUT Atturo Tires Corp.®

Atturo Tire is the tire brand dedicated to the SUV, Crossover and Light Truck (4x4) segments of the tire market.  Atturo designs and distributes stylishly aggressive tires that meet your needs both on and off road.  The active outdoor lifestyle embraced by people around the world is driving the growth of the SUV and 4x4 vehicle market.  We are the only brand solely focused on delivering tires to support your daily adventure.  Atturo is committed to delivering on its promise, to keep performance within reach by continuous improvement and innovation.

Since its beginning, Atturo has used that principle to guide our business. Whether you are replacing your original equipment tires, or upgrading to a larger size, Atturo offers you a unique, quality tire to enhance the performance and appearance of your vehicle.  From the urban commute, to overland play, Atturo delivers a great tire for a reasonable price.