Belltech 2021+ Ford F-150 Leveling and Lowering Struts

How Low Can You Go?

Dignify your 2021 Ford F-150 by giving your original suspension a significant upgrade with Belltech’s -1” to -3.5” lowering struts. These struts were engineered, with a low friction piston design, for your 2021 Ford F-150 specifically, and are preset with perfected damping forces that will provide your truck with exceptional performance and handling. Belltech’s Street Performance struts are designed to work with your OE springs so minimal changes to your suspension are required. Easy to adjust ring spacers make it simple to customize your truck’s ride height to suit your needs. A progressive rate polymer, open cell, bump stop is included with every strut. The bump stop, paired with packers makes for ideal bump-stop engagement that keeps you from feeling imperfections in the road. The large strut body is completely powder coated with a lasting finish so you will be enjoying your advanced suspension for years to come.

• Height adjustable strut lowers your
2021 Ford F150 -1” to -3.5”
• 2WD
• Reduces body roll
• Perfected and preset damping forces
• Progressive rate polymer, open cell, bump stop
• Packers to perfect bump stop engagement
• Made to work with your OE springs

belltech f150 lowering strut
25028 Lowering Strut

If you drive a 2021+ Ford F-150 2WD truck, this is the -1” to -3.5” lowering strut option for you. This lowering strut was engineered for your specific truck and will produce a vehicle equipped with exceptional ride-quality.

26027 Trail Performance Leveling Strut

Belltech now offers a superior quality suspension solution for leveling a 2021 4WD Ford F-150. Belltech’s adjustable Trail Performance Leveling Struts work along with the OE springs to provide increased clearance and ample room for larger tires and wheels. Belltech’s Trail Performance struts can level your truck from 0” to 3” in height. Ring spacers make for easy height customization that will not shift or change over time. Belltech Trail Performance struts are equipped with a progressive rate polymer, open cell, bump stop and adjustable packers that, together, create the perfect amount of bump stop engagement. Each large body strut is powder coated to increase its lifespan and safety.

• 4WD
• Height adjustable 0”-3”
• Perfected and preset damping forces
• Progressive rate polymer, open cell, bump stop
• Packers to perfect bump stop engagement
• Designed to work seamlessly with OE springs

belltech f150 lowering kit
34866 Leveling Kit

Level your truck without changing the OE ride quality you know and appreciate with Belltech’s 2021+ Ford F-150 4WD leveling kit. This kit is Belltech’s most simplistic leveling option. It gives you ample room for larger tires and wheels, and adds height to your truck’s clearance, while respecting your Ford’s original suspension. This leveling kit uses two strut spacers that sit on the tops of your existing struts and two preload spacers which are placed between the top mount and the spring. The strut spacers add droop and height to your Ford’s front suspension.

• Customizable leveling adjustability, 1”, 2”, or 3”
• Uses steel, powder coated, strut spacers and
high-quality, plastic, preload spacers
• Preserves OE ride quality
• Increases droop travel
• Provides room for larger tires and wheels
• Increases clearance


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