Bully Dog GT Series Tuners from Summit Racing Equipment

Three Ways to Go

A Bully Dog GT Series Tuner will improve your truck’s performance in three ways. You can choose from preloaded, dyno-proven tunes to boost horsepower and torque, improve fuel economy, and sharpen throttle response. You can track and monitor critical performance data like RPM, throttle position, and transmission temperature in real-time on easy-to-navigate virtual gauges. And you can set things like the speed limiter, transmission shift points, and compensate for bigger tires and gear ratios. That’s a lot of power from a little box.

bully dog gt summit racing

The GT Series Tuners also have Bully Dog’s Driving Coach software. It has several tools to provide instant feedback to help you improve your truck’s fuel economy:

• View wasted energy
• Identify sensitivity to various driving conditions
• Monitor drive efficiency
• Display instant and average fuel economy
• Set fuel economy goals

Updating your GT Tuner with the latest tunes and features is as easy as downloading the Update Agent from the Bully Dog website.

The Bully Dog GT Platinum Tuner is for vehicles with gasoline engines. It has three power levels—stock (no power gains, lets you use other tuner features), regular (85 minimum octane, 10-15 horsepower increase), and premium (91 minimum octane, up to 35 horsepower increase). It is compatible with popular 1999-2017 GM, Ford, Chrysler/Dodge/RAM, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota trucks.

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner has four power levels that you can change on the fly:
• Stock: no power gains, can use other tuner features
• Tow: 50 horsepower increase
• Performance: 75 horsepower increase
• Extreme: 100 to 140 horsepower increase depending on applications

The Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner allows you to control defueling and DPF regeneration and provides visible and audible warnings if user-defined temperature and boost parameters are exceeded. The tuner is available for 1999-2016 Ford Powerstroke, 2000-16 GM Duramax, and 2003-10 Dodge Cummins diesel trucks.

The preloaded tunes on the Bully Dog GT Platinum and Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuners comply with the federal Clean Air Act and don’t modify or delete vehicle emissions, making them legal to use in all states except California. Check with your state’s emissions policy to make sure a tuner is legal to use.


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