CTEK: Father’s Day Must-Have To Power Up All Of Dad’s Toys

The Power of Love

This Father’s Day, give dad the gift that keeps on giving for all of his cars, boat/jet skis, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Coming off two years of pandemic isolation, families are poised to take advantage of strong summer travel with vacation rental platform Vacasa reporting that 63 percent of Americans are planning to travel to destinations near the water (57 percent) or by national parks (36 percent). Having the CTEK CS Free along for the ride translates to the added confidence of knowing that his RV and jet skis won’t fail on account of dead batteries. And, the CS FREE includes four cutting-edge products in one portable unit: Adaptive Boost safe start, battery charger, smart maintainer, and hi-tech power bank.

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When a car or marine vehicle battery dies in the middle of nowhere, “jumping” that battery can damage it in addition to the electronics. With a CS Free for dad, a compact multi-functional portable charger specially designed to recharge and maintain the cells of Lithium-Iron (LiFEP04) batteries (the kind in most non-EV cars today) maximizes their performance and lifespan. And there’s no need to worry or wonder if someone left the interior car light on or charged their cellphone, zapping the last bit of juice from the car battery. Used as a power bank to charge phones, tablets and laptops, the CS Free is compact and easy to store in a car or boat.

According to Bobbie DuMelle, Executive Vice President of CTEK North America, “Knowing that your battery life can be extended three times its current life means fathers can focus on enjoying their families with a proactive intervention that will contribute to making memories and knowing that all batteries are fully charged for the road trip.”


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CTEK Power Inc. designs and develops a unique series of high-tech battery chargers and special solutions for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use.

The cornerstone in CTEK’s successful business concept that allows the development of a new category of battery charger is the extensive knowledge of batteries and electronics. These new battery chargers satisfy not only today’s high demands on battery care, but also take the increasing needs of the growing group of new users into consideration.