FPT Industrial and Nikola Together at CES 2022 to Revolutionize Heavy On-Road Transport

Heavy Metal

FPT Industrial, the world’s largest producer of low-environmental impact industrial engines, and Nikola Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles (BEV), fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and energy infrastructure solutions, were present together at CES 2022.


Sharing the common mission to revolutionize and decarbonize heavy on-road transport, the two sustainability-oriented companies started their partnership in 2019, and presented the exciting results in the On-road Innovation Area of the new FPT Industrial’s stand at CES 2022.

The result of this collaboration as well as the star of the shared exhibition was the integrated electric axle suitable for heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) – Class 8 trucks. Delivering high performance (840 kW), outstanding efficiency and full sustainability, the e-axle for HCVs was jointly developed for the BEV version of the Nikola Tre truck, whose joint production site with IVECO was inaugurated in September 2021 in Ulm (Germany). The first units of the Nikola Tre-exclusive e-axle are expected to be delivered to Nikola in 2022.

With a range of up to 560 km (350 miles) and dynamic performance, the Nikola Tre BEV truck will be an important step forward in making zero-emissions transportation possible for heavy-duty commercial trucking. FPT Industrial, IVECO and Nikola have adopted a modular approach in developing their electric offering, which is unique in the industry. The Nikola Tre platform will be capable of using either battery-electric technology or hydrogen powered fuel cell technology. With this approach, the partners are taking the long view, bringing both technologies on stream now to pursue BEV and FCEV in their offering in the next few years.