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Engineered for Versatility and Affordability

  • Modern Design
  • No matter how you use your truck, there’s a Truck Hero bed cover that’s right for you. The latest designs and engineering have made truck bed covers easier than ever to use in a variety of different situations. So you can fold it, roll it, slide it, lift it or lock it, depending on your needs.

    Truck Hero bed covers are designed to work with you, not against you. Their bed covers open and close smoothly and easily with some covers that can even be operated with just one free hand. Affordable Truck Hero offers an array of bed cover options starting at just $289. And installation for many of these covers can be done quickly and easily at home with conventional tools.

    Bed Covers From Truck Hero

    Truck Hero offers bed covers that not only keep the elements out, they allow you to put tall cargo in. The rolling and folding bed covers leave your truck bed nearly 100% unobstructed when fully opened.

    Bed Covers From Truck Hero

    Obviously, the biggest reason you’re considering a bed cover is for cargo protection. The lineup of truck bed covers is constructed from the highest quality materials to help protect your contents from the weather, theft and even impact damage.

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    ABOUT Truck Hero, Inc.®

    Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Truck Hero, Inc. is a fast-growing designer and manufacturer of accessories for pickup trucks. They provide pickup truck owners a wide variety of truck bed covers and accessory options including truck bed covers, truck caps and bed liners. Their products enhance the functionality and aesthetics of pickup trucks and enable you to customize and personalize your pickup with innovative products born from high-quality materials, superior engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing. Truck Hero is recognized as one of the leaders by sales in the pickup truck accessories