Hammer, Secure, and Charge Things with Summit Racing Equipment Tools

Who So Ever Can Lift This Hammer, If They Be Worthy…

Summit Racing has some new tools to help you be the best gearhead you can be—indestructible hammers, a 100-piece screwdriver set, and power converters to charge mobile devices so you don’t miss any new TikTok cat videos when you’re on the road.

Wilton B.A.S.H. Hammers

summit racing wilton hammers

Sometimes you need a hammer as durable as Thor’s trusty Mjölnir…and you won’t find any tougher than Wilton’s B.A.S.H. Hammers. Available in ball peen, sledge, dead blow, and cross peen styles with head weights between 24 ounces to four pounds, B.A.S.H. Hammers are so good that Wilton filed patents for their revolutionary design, engineered no-slip rubber grip, and Unbreakable Handle Technology. Features include:

• Safety plate prevents head from dislodging
• Anti-vibe neck with tapered design eliminates vibration from striking
• Steel core handle eliminates breaking during overstrikes

Summit Racing 100-Piece Screwdriver Set

summit racing screwdriver set

We’ve all been there. You reach for a screwdriver only to find the size you need is missing or worse, you don’t have the right size at all. That’s why you need to add a Summit Racing 100-piece screwdriver set to your tool arsenal. The screwdriver shafts are made from vanadium steel and are chrome finished for durability, and tips are magnetized for extra control when installing screws in odd angles. The kit includes:
• 60-piece bit set
• Seven slotted and six Philips head magnetic screwdrivers
• Six star and four square magnetic screwdrivers
• Eight precision magnetic screwdrivers
• Two offset screwdrivers, six nut drivers, and one ratchet handle
• Storage rack

Schumacher Power Converters

schumacher power converter

Smartphones and other mobile devices are useful as long as they’re charged. A Schumacher Electric Power Converter converts the DC electricity into the 120V AC power you need to charge and run mobile devices, tablets, and other USB products. It can be hooked up by plugging it into the vehicle’s accessory outlet or by connecting it directly to the battery with the included clamps. Available in eight models ranging from 410 to 3,000 watts of continuous power, the converters have 2A USB ports for faster charging, surge and thermal protection, and built-in cooling fans.


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