Holley: WK2 Grand Cherokee Force II Exhaust, DiabloSport Tuning for Rubicon 392, 1964 Falcon/Comet Hood Pin, & More

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Holley is pleased to announce the release of awesome new products this week. Flowmaster has released two Force II Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for the WK2-era Jeep Grand Cherokee, in both 3.6L and 5.7L variety. Hooker BlackHeart has added exhaust manifolds that are perfect for Gen III Hemi swaps. Speaking of Gen III Hemi support, DiabloSport now covers the 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 and Holley has released their lower structure support for Gen III Hemi engines and transmissions. And just to add some balance, Scott Drake has released stainless steel hood pins for the 1964 Ford Mustang and Mercury Comet. Read on to learn more about these fantastic new products.

Flowmaster Force II Cat-Back Exhaust Systems For 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L and 5.7L

holley Flowmaster Force II Cat-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster introduces the Force II stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems for the 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee with either the 3.6L or 5.7L engine. These systems use a Super 50 series muffler for a moderate to mild sound level and increased performance. Tuned resonators help keep the interior sound low for a comfortable ride. The systems use larger 4.00-inch polished stainless steel tips for a custom look. Maximum dyno gains of 11 horsepower and 15 lb-ft at the rear wheels have been seen with the 817628 kit. 817575 is a dual-exit system designed for both the 3.6L and 5.7L vehicles with dual bumper cutouts. 817628 is a single-exit system for 3.6L models with the single bumper cutout. All of the necessary hardware is included, and the factory mounting locations are used for an easy installation.

Hooker BlackHeart Gen III Hemi Swap Exhaust Manifolds

holley hooker blackheart manifold

Hooker BlackHeart Gen III Hemi swap exhaust manifolds are one part of a fully-engineered swap system that provides maximum component clearances and ideal drivetrain geometry. These manifolds are designed to fit a wide range of swap applications where clearance is limited. Fitment has been confirmed on several popular platforms, including 1987-2004 Dakota 2WD, 1972-1993 D100/D150 2WD, 1966-1972 B-body (with manual steering box), and 1970-1974 E-body (with manual steering box) when using the Holley swap system components.

These exhaust manifolds are cast from hi-silicon-moly ductile iron and feature 2.5-inch 2-bolt connectors. The manifolds provide clearance to the brake booster, steering shaft, steering box, starter motor (both left and right sides) and provide clearance for several automatic and manual transmission options.

DiabloSport 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Coverage Now Available

diablosport holley jeep rubicon 392

As a long-time leader in Hemi performance tuning, Holley and Diablo know their way around the 392. They have taken that experience and have applied it to the latest beast from Jeep, the 2022 Wrangler Rubicon 392. All of the same features and options we offered for the 2021 model year carry over, including the additional 14 horsepower and 16 lb-ft of torque provided by the 93 octane Diablo Tune.

All Rubicon 392 models require an unlocked PCM and bypass module for tuning. These SKUs include the required PCM swap and bypass modules at the time of purchase. Coverage is available on both the 8420-BR inTune i3 and the 9420-BR Trinity 2 devices.

Holley Lower Structure Support for Gen III Hemi Engines And Transmissions

holley lower structure support for gen 3 hemi

Most late-model factory oil pans bolt to the engine block and the transmission for extra strength and support. Most swap oil pans for the Gen III Hemi do not have this additional support, but it can be added using Holley’s new Lower Structure Support. This support fits cast, fabricated, and stamped swap pans on Gen III Hemi engines with popular transmissions (or bellhousings). The lower structure support also covers the bottom of the transmission (or bellhousing) to keep out dirt and reduce vibration and noise.

Scott Drake 1964 Ford Mustang and Mercury Comet Stainless Steel Hood Pin

Scott Drake 1964 Ford Mustang and Mercury Comet Stainless Steel Hood Pin

Scott Drake’s stainless steel hood pin is made from highly polished 304 stainless steel. The hood pin performs as good as it looks. Replace that rusted or missing original unit with this precision-machined pin that properly secures the hood.


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