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Dashboard Mounted, Compact, Real-Time Data

Banks Power releases the iDash 1.8 Super Gauge & DataMonster and it is brilliant. From an engineering standpoint, this compact gauge is basically a computer software that monitors and calculates your vehicle’s performance in real-time.

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Invaluable to the Truck Community

From a truck fanatic’s viewpoint, there are countless ways this device would come in handy or even define how well a driver is able to perform. Professionals drivers in some of the more extreme truck applications like racing or industrial work need to know how their rig is performing in order to perform their best.

iDash 1.8 Super Gauge and DataMonster

What sort of information can the iDash 1.8 Super Gauge track?

The Super Gauge will track information such as EGT, AFR, RPM, and engine temperature. Choose up to 8 parameters to display on each gauge and set custom alarms. Not only will you have real-time stats on your dashboard, but the iDash 1.8 will also log highly accurate information about your vehicle’s performance that you didn’t think was accessible.

iDash 1.8 Super Gauge and DataMonster

idash 1.8 super gauge

Installation Video: iDash 1.8 Super Gauge and DataMonster


Data-Logging: Save Up To 100 Parameters

Perhaps your latest project involves a custom engine rebuild? You can log and save information on up to 100 parameters of the original engine to compare with the rebuild when it’s finished.

iDash 1.8 Super Gauge DataMonsyter
These stats can be used to show massive improvements made or even to find out where your vehicle needs improvements. The iDash 1.8 Super Gauge will come in handy whether you’re a mechanic, a professional driver, or even a hobbyist who likes to modify his own vehicle for fun!

idash 1.8 super gauge


» Choose Up to 100 parameters to display
» One-button Start/Stop feature
» No limit to how long you can record(Records a month of info per 4GB card)
» Records at up to 10 samples per second
» On-screen indicator confirms the status
» Records to microSD card


idash 1.8 super gauge


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More Information? No Problem…

Clearly, Banks has created a highly useful, state of the art product with a ton of possible configurations, uses, and capabilities. To help sort through all the info and learn more, Banks has the complete owner’s manual and a quick start guide available in the links below.

» Owners Manual, Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge
» Quick Start Guide

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