Jeep Wayout Concept Vehicle

Trailblazing Gladiator FITS ITS NAME

“This truck can get you out further,” – Mark Allen, head of Jeep design

Jeep Wayout

Following this statement, Allen and a few helpers demonstrated the Wayout Gladiator’s features that include:

• Retractable, rear rack awning. Nice…

• Pop-up, two-person tent mounted above the bed. Go on…

• Portable Fire pit? You’re kidding…

Margarita station, complete with a mounted blender? 

• Rug and camping chairs too???

Besides the ability to turn Moab into Mardi Gras, the Wayout is built like a tank. It’s stunning exterior is made to handle some extremely tough environments. Take a look at the video and spec list below.

  •  A New Gator Green Shade
  •  Maintains The Signature Jeep Traits
  •  37-Inch Falken Tires
  •  A Fully-Functional Snorkel Is Present
  •  Fuel Cans Sit Flush With The Body

Once again, mindblown…

The Wayout Gladiator is a rolling, fully-functional mobile campsite. All powered by a Jeep’s highly-capable 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine. Thanks to the added snorkel and 37-inch tires, the Wayout can go way-under any water encountered as well.

Jeep Wayout Concept

To fuel the extended trip Jeep added 2 removable gas cans that mount into the rear quarter panels. Each can holds about 2.5 gallons, which is quite a bit considering the terrain this truck is built for. It could be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

jeep wayout

To sum it up, this truck is a beast and we approve. If you’d like to know more about the Jeep Wayout, please visit their official website by clicking on the link below.

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