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Plug in Power & Fuel Economy

Ever since manufacturers started using computers in their vehicles, the aftermarket has learned how to directly adjust stock engine and transmission settings. What was once a mechanical adjustment became a few lines of codes or customized chips.

No More Chips

But today’s modern GM truck has a sealed computer (ECU), so it’s not so easy to simply replace the chip with an aftermarket tune. To the rescue is Jet Performance with their Performance Module. Their Performance Modules are simply installed between the ECU and stock wiring harness. The elegantly simple solution only takes about 10 minutes to install and you’ll never need to plug in a laptop computer to make adjustments.
jet performance module

How Performance Improves

Engine Manufacturers generally use conservative electronic settings to account for engine variations, low-quality fuel and infrequent servicing. The Jet Performance Module adjusts your truck’s settings to optimize the ignition advance, air/fuel mixture, transmission shift points and other parameters. What’s most interesting is that you gain power AND MPG. Even better, the Jet Performance Modules are 50 State Emissions Legal.

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50-State Street Legal & Easy to Install

Jet Performance Modules are 50-state emissions legal. The typical installation takes 10 minutes and is simply a matter of unbolting the factory wiring harness from the ECU; plugging the module into the ECU; and reconnecting the wiring harness to the Jet Performance Module. Read Instructions for a 2007-2015 GM Silverado/Sierra HERE.

Picture of the Module installed on the ECU
installing jet performance module

Installation Video

Video from Jet installing a Module on a Jeep Wrangler:

Mileage and Power Gains

As you scroll through the various online retailers, you’ll see the average rating for the Modules is over 4 stars (4.7 on AutoAnything). For most consumers, they “feel” better acceleration and low-end performance. Many of the comments are also about mileage gains.

A comment from a 2003 Dodge Ram owner: “This made my truck so fun to drive that I rarely go anywhere without a smile on my face!”

We found this video of a 2000 Ford F150 4×4 documenting a 33% gain in MPG:

Dyno Sheets

Jet Performance has a full library of dyno charts for their products located at Here is one of the dyno charts for a 2014-2015 Chevy/GMC Truck. As you can see the Stage 1 Module made up to 12 more HP, with peak performance starting after 4,000 RPM:
jet performance module dyno chart

Two Levels of Modules

Jet Performance sells two levels of their Performance Modules to adapt to any truck, from stock to fully modified. Start on this page to find the exact part number for your application: (note both the State 1 and State 2 systems are both 50-state emissions legal).

Stage 1: use this for stock engines and where you don’t plan any performance upgrades later

Stage 2: best for trucks with some aftermarket upgrades like exhaust systems, air intakes, throttle bodies, etc.


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Jet Performance Products was started in 1968 by Mike Jones. The company developed and tuned carburetors for some the top names in Drag racing, NASCAR and Off Road racing. We have developed a huge array of products that fit over 40,000 applications and continue to release new products to improve the performance of today’s cars and trucks every year.