Lucas Oil Gears Up for Father’s Day with a Dad-Approved Lineup

So Much Better Than Yet Another Tie

Lucas Oil Products, Inc. is helping celebrate great dads everywhere with a fun lineup of products engineered to keep family vehicles running and looking perfect. These easy-to-use products, which include Lucas Oil’s Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, Slick Mist Speed Wax and Interior Detailer, are great gifts for dads of all ages – with no mechanical experience necessary.

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Trusted Products – Dad Approved

Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner is an exclusive blend of additives and a specific carrier fluid that cleans the entire fuel system by removing carbon deposits, eliminating knocking and pinging and reducing harmful NOx emissions. This helps raise fuel economy, saving money at the pump. Busy dads can easily deep clean their fuel system without even popping the hood and it can be used several times between each oil change.
Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant is a powerful blend of oils and additives designed to provide extra lubrication to the upper cylinder area for improved performance and engine longevity. This is a great product that can be used with every fill up so Dads can easily continue improving performance, fuel mileage and the life of fuel pumps and injectors.
Slick Mist Speed Wax is perfect for fathers who go the extra mile to keep their vehicles looking great. Made with a polymer paint gloss intensifier, it can be used like a traditional wax, but easier to apply, to give an extreme gloss to nearly any surface. By just spraying on a wet or dry surface and wiping it off, Dads can make any machine look showroom-new with a slick and shiny surface. Slick Mist Speed Wax is ideal for all shiny surfaces including glass, chrome and even vinyl decals.
Lucas Slick Mist Interior Detailer is like no other interior cleaner on the market and is perfect for dad’s cars, trucks, boats and even his airplanes. It helps keep interior surfaces looking like new in just one application. The UV-resistant formula is a long-lasting, non-oily spray that restores interior surfaces to like-new conditions. Dads can easily apply this to all interior surfaces and still have time to catch an afternoon baseball game.

“As a family owned company, we know how much fathers sacrifice for their families, so it was important for us to select a few products that can make it a little easier for dad to keep everything looking and running in top condition,” said Morgan Lucas, President of Lucas Oil. “These products are designed to help dads continue that tradition and still have time for their families. We are proud to salute all the hard-working dads, and we hope these products help make that part of their job a bit easier.”


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