Rolling Big Power 75R Battalion Wheel

The Name Says It All

This cast wheel is strong, durable, and aggressive! Join us as we talk about this wheel that can handle up to 3200 pounds per wheel! Available in 3 sizes, 3 finishes, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Rolling Big Power wheels are designed for trucks (lifted and non-lifted) that demand big, custom wheels that will deliver the power you need. With styles that will grab the road, RBP will put your truck above the crowd. RBP wheels are crafted from the highest quality aluminum alloy and available in a whole assortment of designs and finishes. rolling big power 75r battalion wheel It doesn't make a difference if you're looking to trek through the landscape like a monster-truck driver or instead prefer an aggressive yet classy accent for your tires to spin inside of, RBP wheels get the job done and plenty of motorists understand why. Stand out with machined black, chrome, or chrome and black inserts for the distinctive fashion upgrade your hauler needs. Top-tier wheels come from top-tier manufacturing and RBP Wheels prove it. Rolling Big Power 75R Battalion Wheels RBP wheels are made by adhering to the most advanced standards for design and quality. RBP wheels are computer-measured for bolt-patterns and size before being manufactured. The alloy is then melted down, cooled, and then trimmed of eX3 metal. Once a RBP wheel is trimmed it is given its design and detail. It is then heated once again and then applied with the finish of your choice. This process ensures the lightweight, detail, and durability that every driver depends on.


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