SEMA Showcase: Jet Performance Products

New Throttle Body Designs & Performance Modules

The all-new C & C Machined Throttle Body by Jet Performance Products has been expanded to get 5% to 6% more airflow than a stock throttle body. They also come preinstalled with updated electronics and are bolt-on for easy installation.

Throttle Body Solutions

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Inline Performance Modules by Jet Performance

Jet Performance Products also debuted its newest Inline Performance Modules for Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge vehicles up through 2021. Check out the SEMA Showcase video and official product description from Jet Performance Products.

“Using technology similar to our PCM, the JET module provides the ultimate in power tuning and optimal mileage. Point-by-Point air/fuel ratio, ignition advance, and various other tuning points provide performance gains of up to 25hp. JET performance chips tune your transmission for better performance and improve your spark timing by using Dynamic Spectrum Tuning (DST). With all of those optimized to peak performance, you will see an increase in horsepower and torque. The JET power control module stage 2 works with vehicles that have light to heavy modification to them. For example, you can have Performance air intakes, headers, exhaust, bored pistons, and many other modifications.” – Jet Performance Products

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ABOUT Jet Performance Products®

Jet Performance Products was started in 1968 by Mike Jones. The company developed and tuned carburetors for some the top names in Drag racing, NASCAR and Off Road racing. We have developed a huge array of products that fit over 40,000 applications and continue to release new products to improve the performance of today’s cars and trucks every year.