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More horsepower means more heat. Protect your investment with these three inexpensive upgrades. –


Chances are if you’re adding power to your truck you are adding heat as well. Radiant heat can damage expensive engine components. High-performance race car engineers use special products to combat and manage heat damage.  These very same products can be used on Jeeps, trucks and SUV’s as well. Check out this list of easy-to-install items that will protect your precious cargo from heat damage.


Extreme heat from the combustion of an engine can destroy truck wires cables and hoses. With the right insulation, you can protect your vital components and avoid repair bills. although there are many products available that tackle the issue of heat damage, it’s very difficult to find a cost-effective solution that is also easy to install.

Thermo Tech Express sleeves

boast the potent combination of mylar foil and other high-quality insulation materials that reflect more than 90% of radiant heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. A velcro-like strip runs the length of each sleeve and Aid in a quick and simple installation. because there is no need to disconnect anything you will save time and money by performing the installation at home.

Watch Now: Thermo-Tec at The Shop Show

Watch Now: Thermo-Tec VS. “The Others”

Keeping your engine’s internal heat contained helps the vehicle’s efficiency. As exhaust gasses are cooled they decrease in density and are able to are able to pass through the exhaust system more quickly. The Thermo-Tec Rogue Series Carbon Fiber Exhaust Wrap is fitted to perfection and pleasing to the eye. The wrap can withstand a continuous, direct temperature of up to 1,800 degrees(F) and dampens sound and vibration. 


Thermo-Tec Suppressor Heat and Sound Mat are one of the more popular sound and heat control products available. It is lightweight, durable, and made from heat-resistant polyethylene film. You can use it in your engine compartment and under your floorboards for better heat retention and sound dampening. 


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Since 1987, Thermo-Tec has offered customers the latest in exhaust insulating and heat protection technology though cutting edge research and innovation. Thermo-Tec manufacturers more than 130 products to either control heat dissipation or reflect heat away from parts and components in a myriad of applications, including NASCAR, Drag Racing, Oval Track, Motorcycle, Off Road, Street, and Industrial.