Titan Fuel Tank for 2017 Ford

Military Grade Excellence

The Titan Generation 6 tank is a 55 Gallon replacement fuel tank for 2017 Ford F250/F350 crew cabs with 6 ½ft beds and Power Stroke engines. Constructed using military grade, cross-linked polymer (XLHDPE) that is ¼” thick, tougher than steel and more durable than aluminum.

Truck U Highlight

This Tank features exclusive low fuel trap design and hangs approximately 1 ¾” below the bottom of the stock tank. The tank bolts in with ease and requires no fabrication or cutting. TITAN’s Generation 6 tank features an all-new torque ring design that helps ease installation. This new design reduces installation time while also minimizing mistakes during the process.

Titan Fuel Tanks


  • Black Coating
  • Galvanized Steel Mounting Strap
  • Plated and Galvanized Front Support System
  • Rollover Safety Vent Valve

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    ABOUT Titan Fuel Tanks®

    Titan Fuel Tanks was started in 2003 in response to the voices of diesel truck owners who wanted to go farther-- longer. Without fear, they wanted to be able to go where the nearest fuel station might be hundreds of miles away. Anyone who has towed a trailer knows what it does to your mileage know how far it will be until the next station, you will often end up at overpriced stations that know they can gouge you and get away with it.

    Over the years, we have continually modified our products to make them easier to install and allowing them to hold out longer without needing to be repaired or replaced. Our all-purpose lightweight tanks are so easy to install that a driveway mechanic can do the job himself in just a few hours without needing any serious tools.