The Wonderful World of IG Custom Trucks

Browsing through Instagram is part of my daily work routine, and I’m lucky to have a career that deems activities like these acceptable and necessary. To my surprise, there is a seemingly infinite supply of custom truck photos and video. To make this even more exciting, a lot of these truck owners are looking for opportunities to promote their trucks and talent. I’ve compiled a gallery of trucks that stood out to me the most. Tell your favorite by posting in the comments below!

#5: @jl.rubitron



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#4: @dakartundra


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#3: @ronny_dahl

#2: @overlandtheamericas


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One of the multiple times I had to use our which when exploring around La Gran Sabana, Venezuela with our friends @venezuelaoverlandteam. • We spent 5 kick ass days driving to “Salto K”, the most technical off-road trial I’ve done to date. 😜🤘🏽 It rained so much on our second and third day that the river we had to cross to bring us back to civilization was about 2+ meters high and impossible to cross with our trucks. With no option left that day, we camped by the river and waited for the water level to down. The following day the river was still too high so we ventured out to explore the area and eventually found alternative way out that required us to cross a smaller creek and ram through a messy, thick and muddy jungle section. Fun times!!! • 🔥 Hey, by the way… make sure to take advantage of our friends @gobiracks special Black Friday sale! 🔥😜👍🏼 . . Follow our journey here: . . . #GobiRacks #Venezuela #TravelVenezuela #GranSabana #toyota #4runner #Overland #Overlanding #SouthAmerica #OverlandTheAmericas #TourThePlanet #TravelStoke #NeverStopExploring #KeepItWild #AdventureMobile #OutsideMagazine #LonelyPlanet #lifeontheroad #OverlandJournal #ExpeditionPortal #NatGeoAdventure #DarlingEscapes #TravelGram #lovetotravel

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#1: @kickeraudio

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Below is info on our #1 pick for Top 5 Instagram Trucks- Kicker Audio


Kicker logo







(405) 624-8510


3100 N Husband

Stillwater, OK 74076

ABOUT Kicker®

With very few resources and an intense love for music, company founder and current president Steve Irby invented the mobile-stereo enclosure market from his Stillwater, Oklahoma community, when he developed the original Kicker in the 1970s. It was the first full-frequency range speaker box designed specifically for cars and trucks. As audio continues to evolve, Kicker will continue to be on the industry's cutting edge, pushing the limits of audio design technology, performance and integration in the quest for ultimate sound.