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“It’s safe to say that the GM Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, and Dodge Cummins are some of the most versatile engines available these days. You’ll see them hauling horses one weekend with the same truck competing on the drag strip the next. There are even diesel engines being used in extreme drag racing applications such as the outlaw, small tire classes and more. “

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Better sealing & less friction
• Greater cranking pressure
• More boost – delivered quicker
• Increased horsepower & torque
• Greatly reduced oil contamination
• Cooler running engine oil

“Today’s diesel engines are capable of making massive amounts of torque and power, especially when they’re receiving an extra push courtesy of advanced programming calibrations and increased boost pressures. These modifications all result in taxing the internals of the engine, especially inside the cylinder. Diesel cylinder pressures are already high, but adding more air and fuel raises the stakes against the pistons, rings, and entire rotating assembly even more.”


top seal diesel piston rings

“Total Seal can help seal in higher cylinder pressures of diesel engines with their Gapless Ring technology. By adding a Gapless second ring any blow-by, which is common to diesel engines, is eliminated keeping the cylinder pressures on top of the piston to create a more efficient compression stroke thereby a stronger power stroke.

total seal diesel piston rings

“The key to Total Seal’s diesel piston ring package is the Gapless second ring. This assembly consists of a unique ring that is machined underneath to accept a stainless steel rail. During assembly, the two end gaps are placed 180° apart so the rail effectively prevents gasses from blowing past the second ring gap.”

“There are more benefits to Total Seal’s Gapless ring sets for diesel than ‘just’ increased power and torque. With less blow-by comes cleaner oil for longer oil change intervals as well as cooler fluid temperatures. Cooler and cleaner oil results in better lubrication adding to the increased efficiency of the engine as well as longevity. Also, even as the engine wears and the ring gaps expand over thousands of miles, the gapless design will still seal as well as they did when they were new.”

total seal diesel piston rings

“Total Seal also offers a unique top ring for diesel applications with their High-Speed Steel (HSS) 2.0mm top ring. Rather than a typical keystone ring design, Total Seal provides a barrel faced, a rectangular top ring that improves durability. The ring receives a chrome-nitride coating to handle excessive heat while delivering increased sealing. It’s important to confirm that the pistons you plan to use can accept the HSS 2.0mm top ring form.”

total seal diesel piston rings

“Whether you’re building a diesel engine for extreme track duty, or for hauling a trailer home through the summer, Total Seal offers a ring package that will deliver power. The rings are available for Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax applications with a variety of coatings and finishes including their top-level competition Diamond Finish for the most precise tolerances of any piston ring.”



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In late 1999 we moved into our new 32,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It houses the latest in research and development equipment, manufacturing machinery and technology focusing on developing and manufacturing piston rings for any and all applications.Our rings continue to show up on the world's fastest, from NASCAR and IndyCar, from marine to drag racing, oval track to off road - nobody builds piston rings that seal better than Total Seal.