ValvoMax: Mike Burns Named a 2022 SEMA GEN III Innovator of the Year Finalist

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ValvoMax CEO Mike Burns has been named one of the three finalists for the 2022 SEMA GEN III Innovator of the Year. That’s a big nod to his work and the ValvoMax Quick Twist Valve that makes oil changes a lot easier. The award will be presented at the SEMA Industry Awards Banquet on Thursday, November 3rd, at 7PM in the Westgate Paradise Event Center.

The GEN-III Innovator of the Year recognizes a young, entrepreneurial individual, 40 years old or younger, who is creating new innovative breakthroughs within the area(s) of industry opportunities, advancement, best business practices, technology and/or trends.

ValvoMax’s Quick Twist Valve lets you drain oil in 10 minutes or less. The stainless steel valve replaces your existing oil drain bolt. It also eliminates the need for tools and leaves no mess behind. Each kit comes with a valve, steel cap with embedded rubber seal, drain tube assembly, and aluminum crush washer for installation.

valvomax quick twist valve in action

GEN-III Innovator of the Year candidates are nominated for their outstanding contributions during the past 12 months corresponding with the SEMA fiscal year (in this case, July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022).


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Multiple tools, stripped oil drain bolts that ruin the oil pan, scalding hot oil, hard to clean oil spills on your driveway, and when you’ve finally changed your oil, you’ve wasted half the afternoon. That’s the old way of changing your oil and it was the worst. The ValvoMax Quick Twist Oil Drain Valve is here to fix that.