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While Summit Racing can’t guarantee some guys in race helmets will come install them for you, they tell us that WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners will help protect your vehicle’s carpet from damage due to rain, snow, dirt, mud, and other ravages of The Outside.

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DigitalFit FloorLiners are manufactured from a high-density tri-extruded (HDTE) material that gives them a rigid core for strength. They have a grippy underside to reduce movement and high sides to protect front, back, and side areas of carpet. Special channels carry water and debris to a lower reservoir to minimize slosh and protect your shoes from getting wet. Once water is trapped in the reservoir, just flip the FloorLiner over the door sill and drain it—no muss, no fuss, and no spillage inside the vehicle.

With over 8,000 applications available, chances are Summit Racing has DigitalFit FloorLiners for your vehicle. They’re available in pairs for the front and rear, or sets for an entire vehicle’s passenger compartment.

Summit Racing also carries these other WeatherTech products to protect your vehicle:
• Cargo Liners provide complete coverage for car trunks, SUVs, and minivans. They have a raised lip to keep spills, dirt, and grease at bay, and remain flexible even under extreme temperatures
• Seat Protectors have a durable, water-repellent finish that will combat any juice box spill, cereal crumbs or pet mess. They also feature an extra-layer of nylon lining to further protect your seats
• No-Drill Mud Flaps keep Mother Nature off of your expensive paint. The QuickTurn stainless steel fastening system lets you install the mud flaps in minutes without drilling or removing wheels and tires
• Side Window Deflectors help reduce wind noise and allow fresh air in and interior heat out, and snap in place with no tape required


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