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Cool Runnings

You can’t keep your daily driver or work truck going if the cooling or fuel system—or both—conk out on you. Fortunately, Summit Racing has you covered with replacement parts from APDI. All APDI products are designed in the USA and meet or exceed OEM specifications.

And for you hot rodders, APDI products are ideal for custom builds, engine swaps, and other builds where OEM-style parts will work just fine. That saves you some money that you can use for other high-performance goodies.

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APDI Radiators use a B-tube design to optimize coolant flow through the radiator while adding structural rigidity. Plastic tanks have ribbing inside or out for added strength and are designed and tested to 100,000 pressure cycles with no cracks, bowing, or distortion.

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Electric Fan Assemblies are drop-in replacements with all necessary factory connectors and mounts included. Fan blades are statically and dynamically balanced to prevent misalignment and excess noise for quiet operation. Shrouds are ribbed to increase strength and rigidity of the fan assembly.

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Heater Cores are tested in the actual vehicle HVAC heater module to ensure easy installation and proper function. A corrosion-resistant cladding alloy covers the inside surface of the core tubes to protect them from pitting and corrosion. High-strength rigid brazed joints ensure durability and excellent resistance to corrosion.

AC Condensers are drop-in replacements for vehicles with R12 and R134A systems. Ribbed brackets increase strength and rigidity, and side members have a U-shaped design to increase rigidity and protection against the fins from damage.

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In-Tank Fuel Pump Module Assemblies have a redesigned rheostat for reliable fuel level readings, stronger guide rod springs for improved durability as the assembly expands and contracts in the fuel tank, and improved electrical connectors for reliable operation.

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Mechanical Fuel Pumps are available for many vehicles made from 1937 through 1998. They are made with all-new housings and internal parts and are direct replacements for the factory pump.

Electric Fuel Pumps are built with all-new parts and tested for consistent pressure and flow. They have carbon commutators to ensure high flow rates and increased pump life, and an OE-spec electrical harness and connector are included.

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Fuel Tank Sending Units are corrosion- and leak-resistant to ensure longer life. The sending units are drop-in replacements right out of the box with all necessary components included.

Summit Racing also carries APDI fuel tank strainers, tank straps, lock rings, and in-tank pump seals to finish your fuel system job.


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