Bedrock Slate Truck Beds

Slated for Success

Bedrock Truck Beds makes a variety of aftermarket bed replacements for, well, a variety of needs. Among them, the non-skirted Slate truck bed you’re looking at right now. Available in four different lengths, it packs a diamond plate deck with smooth steel rear and sides with integrated stake pockets that rise 1 1/4-inch above the deck. The tapered corners allow for better turn radius when towing. It’s also available for single and dual rear wheels.

bedrock truck bed three quarter profile

What’s more, the bed is corrosion and UV resistant. Each has a glossy polyester finish with industry-leading adhesion and longevity. The beds are also impact salt-spray tested for best performance. Additionally the application process was developed specifically for Bedrock; their entire line of products are shot blasted to raw, white metal before powder coating for maximum adhesion. And finally, Bedrock uses lifetime LED lights that offer longevity and great visibility. Back-up lights can also double as working lights.


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ABOUT Bedrock Truck Beds®

As a family-owned business that has been in manufacturing for over 100 years, Bedrock is committed to delivering high quality products that they are proud to share. They took care to not overlook any details in developing a truck bed that not only meets expectations but goes so far as to create innovation in the industry. Bedrock is constantly working with the critical consumer in mind: the Texas rancher.