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Specific truck models have specific heat and sound control issues. Get the right solution for your classic pickup with DEI Interior Insulation Kits that are custom-cut for 1973-’87 Chevrolet/GMC regular-cab truck models.

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“Design Engineering, Inc. is leading the way with the most advanced thermal acoustic kits for vehicle-specific applications,” says Mike Buca of DEI. “Using a combination of our proven 2mm damping material and Under Carpet Lite, we offer an effective and affordable solution to unwanted heat and noise in easy-to-install, pre-cut, vehicle-specific kits.”

Square-body 1973-’87 Chevy/GMC pickups are favorites among restorers and hobbyists, offering a classic look and plenty of customization options. Big engine swaps often result in increased sound and heat levels in the cab, prompting the need for quality kits that keep occupants cool and comfortable.

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Pre-cut, peel-and-stick Damping Kits eliminate unwanted engine and road noise while reducing vibrations. Pair them with a custom cut Floor Insulation Kit featuring DEI’s Under Carpet Lite for total interior protection. Includes detailed instructions showing where to place damping material and insulation.

Each piece is CNC-cut for a precise fit and simple installation on floors, and firewalls. Choose from Insulation and Damping Kits that fit low or high transmission humps in 1973-’87 Chevrolet/GMC regular-cab builds:
• Floor Damping Kit for low hump (# 50018)
• Floor Insulation Kit for low hump (# 50019)
• Floor Insulation for high hump (# 50026)
• Floor Damping Kit for high hump (# 50027)

The economical insulating solutions deliver a comfortable interior in any weather conditions and enhance stereo sound and performance. Do away with annoying road, tire and exhaust noise for an improved driving experience.


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Design Engineering (DEI), located in Avon Lake, OH, specializes in the development of thermal and acoustic performance products for the for the automotive and powersports industries. DEI also makes cryogenic intake systems and related accessories under the CryO2 brand, acoustical insulation, and sound-deadening products under the popular Boom Mat brand, as well as a full line of performance coolant additives under the brand Radiator Relief.