Ingenity 23E Wins Industry Innovation Award in Overall Small Boat Category

Ingen-ious Innovation

Ingenity Electric is proud to receive the Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award in the cuddy cabin, bowrider, and deck boat category for the all-new 100% electric day boat, the Ingenity 23E.

ingenity 23e

“Its skateboard platform could be the start of a new generation of electric boats,” said judge Alan Jones. The innovation awards are granted annually by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International.

In addition to its modular design, the Ingenity 23E is full of new technology. Seamless integrated steering and throttle control combined with an intuitive user interface on the touchscreen make operating the 23E simple and approachable. Standard on-board telematics brings remote charging and location monitoring to your phone via the Ingenity Connect app while also enabling over-the-air updates.

The innovation award comes on the heels of Ingenity’s Nautique GS22E being named 2021 Boat of the Year by Boating Magazine. This is the first time this prestigious award has been given to a 100% electric boat.

Sean Marrero, President of Ingenity stated, “This has been a breakout year for Ingenity as a brand and electric boating as a category. It is one thing to be recognized against other electric boats, but Ingenity is showing that electric is quickly becoming a viable option against any boat in certain categories.”

Marrero added, “Ingenity will continue to lead the way in high power marine electrification so our customers can continue to have the on water experiences they love in ways that are more consistent with their values around sustainability.”

About Ingenity:

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