Summit Racing No-Spill Gas Cans

A View to a Spill

Modern fuel cans have spouts that are designed to reduce the amount of fumes released into the air and to make it harder for kids to open. They’re also a pain to use, often to the point that people modify the spouts to make them easier to use.

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No Spill Gasoline and Diesel Cans are a better way to fill your tank. They have a pushbutton nozzle—just press it to pour and release to stop. The nozzle also has an auto-stop feature that stops fuel flow when the tank is full. That means precise filling with no fuel spillage, no fumes, and no way for a child to pry it open.

The No Spill nozzle flows up to twice as fast as others with no gurgling or interrupted flow. That saves you the literal pain of holding up a heavy fuel can for long periods of time. Other features include:
• Heavy-duty HDPE material is 70% thicker than most other fuel cans
• Wide view stripes on front and back so you can easily see fuel level
• Top handle, finger grips on the nozzle, and finger slot on the bottom of the can for accurate pouring and easier carrying
• Flame mitigation device in neck for added safety
• CARB-compliant for use in California

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No Spill Gasoline Cans are available in 1.25-, 2.5-, or 5-gallon sizes. The No-Spill Diesel Can is available in a 5-gallon size only.


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